St. Mary’s/ Armiesburg Cemetery is located in Wabash Township, Parke County.

The history of St. Mary’s/ Armiesburg Cemetery dates back to an early settler of the county Christmas Dagenet, The son of a Canadian Trapper and the sister of a Wea Indian Chief. He was baptisted by Catholic missionaries from Vincennes in 1800. After providing intrpretation services to the US Government from 1824-27, Dagenet chose the land near the confluence of Big Raccoon Creek and the Wabash River to settle.

Dagenet was also instrumental in the treaty of St. Mary’s in 1818, and later in the efforts to relocate the Wea to land promised in Kansas. When he left Indiana in the late 1840s, land was left to the Catholics in the area and later became St. Mary’s/ Armiesburg Cemetery.

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